theory of how reincarnation works

Theory of How The Soul Can Be Eternal

What is the soul and how is it re-incarnated, and why it doesn’t “die”

Many practitioners of meditation have experienced, during meditative states, a oneness with the universe, whether it is void or light, the experience appears to be the same.

The experience is a sensation of your awareness being a part of the whole, or more correctly described as your awareness is the same as the whole. Your awareness merges with what you are witnessing on the outside, and while you are in this experience there is no self-awareness, you are merged with the outside experience therefore there is no subject or object remaining. You are aware during the experience, its like a bliss of being just light or being just void, but you are not subjectively aware of it as an independent being, because there is no subject or object remaining so how can you be “self-aware” of it?

The sensation is of merging inside awareness with outside (this experience confirms what physicists & mystics say that the outside world is an illusion of perceived subject and object, an illusion of perceived separation, when really there is just subject, consciousness, there is in reality no object).This means, as far as many meditators are concerned, by way of example, that, looking at a white spot on the wall with a red background, if you totally relax and allow your mind to focus, purely on the white spot, the moments of true merging can get longer and longer.

Those moments beyond subject and object, where your awareness has merged with whatever you are concentrating on, you become the white spot, your consciousness becomes a white spot, a speck of light merged with infinite light. There is no subject or object just one experience one subject, one sensation of being that is not separate from what you perceive outside of you. You are not “self-aware”, you experience the sensation and only become self -aware of it when you have shifted back to a subject object, dualistic view. This means you are only really aware of it, self-aware, when the experience is over, when you reflect upon it, like, wow, I was truly merged there, it was like a dream. This also makes sense, that the sensation is like a dream, its like a deeper level of consciousness, you are not self-aware while you are in it, because you are merged…

This comes neatly round to the subject of what is our pure awareness, and how can we possibly be re-incarnated, or as they say that, “Our Souls are Eternal”?

Well, many meditators experience this merging with all and disappearance of subject/object, merging with one sensation, does this mean that the soul – pure awareness is truly eternal?

If we can experience a sensation beyond the material, beyond conditioned consciousness and beyond self-awareness, is this where the universal soul and our divine spark of light reside eternally?

And it is only our concept of conditioned consciousness and this dualistic illusion of reality that changes, our souls remain in the same place whether we are in a physical body or not?

I would surmise that these experiences are what led the mystics to realise that the soul, our pure awareness is truly eternal and it is only the dualistic, forever changing conditions of the surrounding matter that ever changes, the forms and density of energy, whether it be more solid in form or more liquid or gaseous, the forms change eternally but the soul remains eternal,…

There is a lot of evidence to collaborate that the universe has a level of consciousness (citation from lovelock or Gaia required), it is conscious, but not self-aware, and if we  tap into this consciousness of the universal mind of nature, creative, life force of conscious energy, we can see that we are truly divine, truly eternal and truly beings of nature, that change but forever remain the same. The embodiment changes but the universal consciousness of which we are a part forever exists, and we grow and shrink as we evolve or devolve, light a pulsating beam of light traversing the universe in a blink of the all seeing eye of divine existence manifesting in this physical realm (as the Buddhists describe) to learn of our existence, transcend our duality and become peace within ourselves to evolve as beings of light, of unity of purity and if creative life force working within the conscious energy of nature, not against it. Supporting natural energy and utilising it, not creating our own destructive un-recipricoral energy that nature has trouble sustaining and integrating, simply being a part of nature, and eventually as we are becoming gods within our own right, to create and not control and destroy for power, but integrate, propagate and humanitarian-gate, before it’s too late….

[The question for non-dualists is, “If you are non-dual how can you be self-aware and experience your awareness as s separate being to the body and conditioned consciousness?)

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