Positive Solutions for Technological Challenges – From Someone Who is Sensitive to Electronic Equipment

sensitive to computers - how to avoid


Technology in the 90’s

For many years I worked for computer magazines. This was even before there was a computer on every desk in the office! I worked promoting computer technology, but It is a little ironic that the first time I got a computer in the office my eyesight changed very quickly, and I got bad migraines.

According to doctors, it was the fast flashing screen, the light emitting from the computer and the long periods of staring, unblinking, at a screen, that gave me these headaches. I have sensitive eyes, and over the year’s computers have given me headaches, migraines, sore eyes and dry eyes. I’ve had to be very careful with how long I look at a computer screen and take all the advice freely available on the internet about how to reduce headaches caused by computers.

With the advent of mobile phone technology, I was quick to adapt to using headphones or speakerphone where possible. The mobile phone would make my ear and temple near the phone hot and achy.

Technology Nearly ¼ way Through the 21st Century!

Fast forward nearly twenty years and we have a real problem on our hands. I still try to limit computer and phone usage, but the world is increasingly acted out digitally rather than in person. It’s almost as if social media like Facebook is an extension of our minds the way we reflect and share by going live and status updates. I limited my usage and having a 2004 model phone until recently meant that I wasn’t that affected by the technological challenges of the moment.

Then someone bought me a 4G enabled phone for my birthday. It was great, fast communication, watching videos on the go and uninterrupted radio. BUT I could feel the radiation and the extra time I used the phone to communicate on WhatsApp and Facebook gave me headaches, a stiff neck, dizziness and sore eyes.

Let alone what I can’t feel, such as the higher frequency radiation that it sends and receives even when you have turned off the WIFI or Mobile data.

I am happy to state that after doing the following things I’m feeling much better:

Apart from the obvious:

  • Switch your phone off while carrying on your person (still transmits when data is turned off)
  • Switch off your WIFI at night and when you are not using it.
  • Or, even better, turn off the WIFI for good and plug in an Ethernet cable – and enjoy a better-quality internet connection!)
  • Communicate only through speakerphone or headphones (not Bluetooth) when communicating on your mobile phone.
  • Get lots of plants round the house, they dissipate the RF and succulents even absorb it as they contain a lot of water.
  • Limit your device usage, take regular breaks – every 45 minutes take 10 minutes off making sure you look into the distance to exercise your eyes and get away from the screen.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Your house cables and network boxes may also emit harmful Magnetic Fields, It’s wise to get them checked out, how to do this is at the bottom of this link: https://emwatch.com/house-wiring-radiation/ essentially, get an EMF meter, but don’t fix the wires yourself, get a qualified professional in!
  • Use (you can hire one) a RF and EMF meter to check if your house is exposed to high level exposure from nearby equipment and masts.


What else can we do?


Tai Chi & Qi Gong

As a Tai Chi practitioner, I am aware that the form I practice, a classical style taught by the Vice-Chairman of Daoist Medicine of BeJing University, utilises spiralling movements that are supposed to create a more integral human magnetic field. In addition to this, cultivating “Qi” helps to maintain physical, mechanical, electrical and biochemical balance in the body which could help reduce the exposure to man-made frequencies by creating your own more robust resonance and possibly helping the body detox from harmful pollutants.

Reduce the Amount of Time using Devices and Practice Exercises to help obviate the issues

You can also practice some exercises to remove tension caused by long periods using devices or looking at computers – see my article here about this. Text neck, sore eyes, issues with repetitive strain on the hands and frozen shoulder can all be caused by using devices.

Time in Nature

Why is it that as soon as we are away from the bustling city and strolling through an idyllic woodland glade that we feel so at peace and relaxed? What is happening scientifically? Exactly how does nature relax us?

We all know the benefits but the more sensitive you are the more you tune into nature and resonate with it. It becomes an exchange of information. Not least an exchange of gases – Oxygen and C02…

Connecting to the earth by taking your shoes off and going for a walk in nature does “ground” us magnetically and we can enjoy the natural vibrations of the trees and natural environment as a whole. We have an incredibly symbyotic relationship with trees, lets plant more of them immediately!

Natural Human Vibration

Our hearts resonate the biggest electro-magnetic field from our bodies. To be happier and improve the wellbeing of others – cultivate a feeling of love as much as possible. Tune in to your heart and feel it’s pure joy in the present moment. If you cannot feel your heart, I would suggest some exercises to develop this and gradually remove emotional blockages…


Do let me know if you have other methods of reducing exposure to technology and RF.


If you have any questions about this article you can contact me via www.daoyogi.co.uk 



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