brahma kumaris good or bad

Using Spiritual Tools to Increase Awareness Brahma Kumaris Good or Bad?

Spinning The Discus of Self Realisation



18th February 2009


Spinner of the discus of self-realisation.

Intellect knows supreme being is your father.

We return again and again to spin the discus of self-realisation

Discus cycle of realisation cuts the devils throat of five vices…

Be a light house…

Provide eight hours a day of service, we are all students and must make effort to become pure…

Nirvana = soul world and intellect is the faculty to understand, judge and discern:

Soul connection – Brahmins

Deities – warriors & merchants

Silver age – warriors

Shudras – untouchables

The cycles turn in the intellect


We have two crowns

Self sovereignty

Crown of rulership

The cycle has to spin, spinners of the soul has had a vision – home

Remember Me & you will reach your home

Merge with all things and remember only the one.

Make effort until the end

Remember him & know everything

Rest for eight hours, work for eight hours

Do business for your livelihood a temporary period

This livelihood holy spiritual endeavour

21 births Worshipped on the path of devotion

Bubba gives knowledge, make effort for livelihood of body Bubba not do that – the cycle turns…


Children don’t make any mistakes

Become spinners of self realisation

Soul cannot play a part without body

Practice spinning the discus

Then whenever/whereever become ocean of knowledge, occupy themselves in business teacher make everyone a spinner of the discus of self-realisation.

When did we loose the crown?

How was the kingdom snatched away?

5,000 year unlimited drama

Deities later Brahmins no only Brahmins became part of the confluence age

Inheritance from the unlimited father, imperishable

Whereas the five vices will finish: lust, anger, greed, egoism and attachment…

We are millionaires of the father of Bharat..


Ask for liberation from suffering if old ill or poor

Sun and moon dynasty deities number-wise according to effort reward statue: put in what you get out


Becoming pure , maya createsd obstacles – example of boxing, maya defeats you

Consider to be as ONE – effort is required.


Firm – children of the unlimited father, kingdom created on this basis:

Gold and silver heaven spiritual endeavour is what we do NOW



Vishnu, Latshmi Narana

Vishnu with four arms – the symbol of combined male and female principles – soul and person balanced, Vishnu = purity and union of one.


Sins cut away by remembrance of the supreme being.

Live at home with family practice while doing everything

Krishna killed the devil with the discus of self-realisation

Churn the ocean of knowledge

Become healthy and wealthy

According to the drama whatever happens is fine

May you become double crowned, everything is yours and finish mine

Earn and become spiritual teacher

Brahma/Supreme Being comes to teach

And our essence should be:

To remain full of happiness – churn the wealth of knowledge

Effort in remembrance

Ocean of knowledge

Light house


“Me”, egoism makes one heavy, everything is yours

In an Angel there is no trace of consciousness of “mine”


SLOGAN: merge with Bap Dada & Shiv Baba in their eyes are the lights of the world


Subtle vices in Maya:

The spiritual path is working with defects of oneself others and the world

Churn the milk, butter realise it experience it, (who am I, who am I?)


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